Grumbacher Japanese Watercolors


The six piece watercolor set contains the basic colors of the rainbow to create brilliant paintings with or without mixing:  

Colors Include: 

  • Scarlet 
  • Transparent Orange 
  • Cadmium Yellow Hue 
  • Sap Green 
  • French Ultramarine 
  • Violet 

Grumbacher poured Japanese watercolor pans are made from a time-honored Eastern formula, meticulously crafted to produce brilliant, opaque bodycolors. When used in a thick, creamy consistency, the color has richness and depth that dries to an eggshell sheen, setting it apart from gouache. With a simple adjustment of water, you can achieve equally stunning yet translucent watercolor effects by thinning the paints in the pan’s mixing well. 

This specialized formula is highly pigmented and lends itself to excellent lifting qualities, giving you the freedom to add highlights at any time during the painting process.  And when it comes to blending, our colors offer ultra-smooth gradients and seamless color transitions. 

The patent-pending well design in our pans is engineered to keep your colors clean while mixing. The slanted mixing well not only prevents dilution of the original pan paint but also facilitates the accumulation of thinned color. Each pan and well can be adjusted to your painting environment, eliminating unintended drips and spills.