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Our Story

We’re delighted to be able to take our long-time online store to a tangible offering with our first cozy little shop, nestled in the heart of lush and beautiful central Kentucky. Our world is full of bright colors, hand-painted florals, birds and whimsical characters. Thank you for joining us here! Our goal remains creating quality products that bring joy and inspiration to your home.

Alexandra MacVean - Co-Founder | Owner | illustrator and entrepreneur

As a freelance artist and an award-winning children’s book illustrator, Alexandra has always loved to inspire others through her art. In the last few years, she has branched off into designing for entrepreneurs nationally and across the pond and is a brand ambassador for The Manuscript Pen Company in Birmingham, England, Princeton Brushes in New Jersey, and Viviva in Mumbai, India. When not illustrating work for these companies she profoundly believes in, you can usually find her imagining new little scenes of wonder that will end up in our shop or shown as a glimpse on her own Instagram.

From over a decade in the business and financial side of State Farm Insurance to a successful illustrator & designer, her life has taken many delightful (and unexpected) turns. Through it all, she has learnt to overcome life’s obstacles while holding close those still small joys, hoping to imbue them in everything she creates. Londonberrie, for her, is a chance to show others beyond her every day that dreams really do come true!

Michael MacVeanCo-Founder | Owner | brand design and illustration

Having spent his career in the corporate design world as a professional graphic designer, illustrator, art director, brand and design manager with large international companies and a few smaller local design agencies, Michael’s been fortunate enough to work on a myriad of different projects and brands. All good design requires strong visual problem-solving skills where the magic for him is found in coming up with that first novel idea. That too is something he loves in his professional illustration work, offering a particular whimsy in the process while expressing ideas in a novel way that, ideally, connects the heart and mind.

Forged in the heart of inner London, creative thinking was always tantamount to his upbringing and continues to be an anchor throughout his life. From raising a family to working in design, capturing imagination in an authentic, often humorous way has remained the course. The name itself, Londonberrie, is in part, recognition of his exuberant mother (also a former Londoner), who instilled in him his love of learning with a passion for people, culture and the arts in general.