How to Draw


Anyone can create a work of art with a little bit of guidance―and some imagination! This kid-friendly drawing book walks young artists through the first steps of learning to draw, teaching them to capture the world around them with just a pencil and paper. Kids will try awesome art projects ranging from magical creatures and cartoons to realistic landscapes, portraits, and more―learning essential artistic techniques as they go.

Get kids drawing with:

  • The basics of art―Discover how to shade dark and light, use perspective, create 3D shapes, balance proportion and scale, and more.

  • Easy-to-follow steps―This guide to drawing for kids lets them follow along from start to finish with simple instructions and illustrations that explain each activity.

  • A variety of projects―Get creative with any kids' drawing supplies you have on hand and a variety of projects - including hand lettering, animals, optical illusions, and cartooning.

  • An artistic gift―This learn-to-draw book makes an amazing gift for any boy or girl who loves to play and create!