Find Me: Woodland Adventures


Bernard the Wolf needs your help!

  • Help Bernard sharpen his vision by searching for his friend playing hide-and-seek in the forest
  • Over 100 hidden objects to find in each engaging puzzle page
  • Colorful illustrations of adorable animals and outdoor environments will both delight and challenge children
  • Develop observation skills by using context clues and drawing conclusions based on what you see

Bernard wears glasses, but still can't see very well. To sharpen Bernard's vision, help him find his friend, Michael the Squirrel, as he plays hide-and-seek deep in the forest.

Also included are additional fun activities for every visual puzzle to develop kids' observation skills, from finding the odd one out in the group to spotting who has an upset stomach.

With stunning illustrations and colorful pages that explore the beauty of the forest and its creatures, kids 7 to 9 will have hours of fun searching for over 100 hidden objects and animals inside Find Me! Adventures in the Forest!