Celebrating the special moments that inspire us all
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who we are

Our days often begin with coffee and conversation with the afternoons steeped in tea and art. Our daily rituals offer the opportunity to muse, discuss and laugh over the expected and unexpected. More so, in these, we strive to build connections and community. Wherever we go, and whatever we do, we’re weaved together by artistic vision and the love of family, friends, culture and travels.

And so begins a new chapter. Londonberrie offers products and services that celebrate those special moments and places which bind us all together.

MICHAEL MACVEAN Founder | Art Director
Having spent his career in the corporate world as a professional graphic designer with large Fortune 500 companies and smaller, local design agencies, Michael’s been fortunate enough to work on a myriad of different projects. All good graphic design requires strong visual problem solving skills but the magic for him has always been found in the ideation — coming up with the idea. That too is something he loves in his illustration work, offering a particular whimsy in the process. His passion remains connecting people with ideas.

Forged in the heart of London, creativity was always central to his family life that it was perhaps inevitable that it has been an anchor throughout his life. From raising a family to working in design, his drive remains the same — capturing that creative imagination. The name, Londonberrie, is in recognition of his mother, also a Londoner, who instilled in him a passion for people, culture and the arts in general.

ALEXANDRA MACVEAN Founder | Creative Director
As a freelance artist and an award winning children’s book illustrator, Alexandra has always loved to inspire others through her art. In the last few years, she has branched off into designing for entrepreneurs nationally and across the pond and is a brand ambassador for The Manuscript Pen Company in Birmingham, England. You can often find her hosting workshops for children and adults, introducing her art in a variety of different ways.

From over a decade in the business and financial side of State Farm Insurance to representation with a literary and illustration agency, her life has taken many delightful turns. Through it all, she has learned to overcome life’s obstacles and hold close those still small joys, hoping to imbue them in everything she creates. Londonberrie, for her, is a chance to show others beyond her everyday that dreams really do come true.

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