Celebrating the special moments that inspire us all
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Our Story

Fostering community by sharing the simple joys of life, home, and inspiration through art, services, and products.

Our mission is to offer opportunities to capture special moments and events through artwork, photography, editorials, workshops and customized services. The core of our brand is creating a community that celebrates the anchors in our everyday lives that bring us hope and knit us closer together.

We all desire homes that offer safety, love, nurture for ourselves, and importantly, our loved ones. Let’s face it, life can be hard! At any given moment there are a myriad of demands pulling at us in different and oftentimes, unexpected directions. It takes intention to stop, breathe, be — to live life purposefully and joyfully, finding that place of solace and well-being. That’s also the nature of one of our greatest aspirations, something called hygge (pronounced, “hue-gah”), centered around the Danish concept of living a cozy life that emanates comfort for the soul!

Even the smallest moments can and should be celebrated — reading to your child; snuggling up with candlelight; reflecting on the splendor of the season’s first snowfall, or sending a loved one afar a delightfully unexpected card. It’s so easy to miss the simple joys of life if we don’t make the time to remember them! And, of course, let’s also relish those long awaited moments — someone’s graduation, a recent move, a new baby, moving into a new home, or falling in love… again. There are so many of these divine, incredible moments! We’d love to play a part in your everyday lives by embracing and sharing these events together, bringing you home, hygge, inspiration and art.